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Gyrendolen Gyrendolen 1 November 2015


'entity.helicopter_seat_do_not_spawn_please,_like_really_don'' That's the technical name of the helicopter from the Pre-Release xD

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Gyrendolen Gyrendolen 31 October 2015

Help - -

I feel stupid enough already, failing to find configuration files and figuring out how to make dinosaurs and crap, but I'm having issues with the JurassiCraft-2.0.0-Pre.jar. I dragged the file into my mods folder along with 1.8 LLib file yet it doesn't install. Do I need to unpack the file(s) or drag the META-INF files into my minecraft.jar file?

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ASDFGirl ASDFGirl 28 July 2014


So I just got back from vacation and finished a new infant dino... the brachiosaurus! I am very proud of this cute little bugger so he is the first infant being posted here :) Let's not put him on the Jurassicraft Species page gallery until he has a skin, kay guys? Kay ^_^

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ASDFGirl ASDFGirl 12 July 2014

Hammerhead Shark - Lotsomobs

So hey guys... I said I would post some stuff on here and I finally did. Anyway, my friend who works on Lotsomobs AND F/A:JPE asked me to make him a simple, minecraft-y hammerhead shark. I, of course, made one for him. I think it turned out pretty nice, though i made it a little too small. Oh well, coding can fix that, right? xD

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