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Carnotaurus sastrei (CAR-no-TORE-us) is one of the most bizarre yet dangerous meat-eating


dinosaurs ever found. Its skull was short, with spiked armor on the top and a pair of knobby horns over its small eyes. The neck and shoulder blades are well developed, but the arms are incredibly short, with forearms so shrunken they were practically just wrists; not even Tyrannosaurus rex has such small arms.

Research has indicated that despite Carnotaurus had a small head, the jaws were able to open very widely a part from other theropod dinosaurs in order to catch prey. The horns of Carnotaurus look something like those of a bull - and like a bull, it may have used them in contests with others of its own species. In this way, two Carnotaurus could test each other's strength without either of them seriously injuring the other.

Hunting & Behavior

They have almost perfect chameleon-like camouflage, able to replicate even patterns and shadows on their skin. This also proves useful for them, as they will hide in dense foliage, hidden and nearly invisible. Then, when an unlucky herbivore were to come to where the Carnotaurus is hiding, it would burst out at full speed and bite the neck of the animal. With it’s extremely strong legs, this ensured it would usually catch it’s prey.

Health & Stats

Health: 70

Height: 4.5 Blocks

AI: Ambushes prey and sneaks up on it from foliage. Usually in mating pairs.