There are not a lot of videos out there, and there is not a good source of info on how to cultivate you dino's

You will need.

1 Dna extractor

1 Cultivate tank (not the tank from Fossils and Arch)

Amber is the best way to get Dino DNA but that ore is rare. Fossils are your next best choice but, there is a chance of getting useless items.

Now let me explain that DNA that is 25% will not cultivate into a Dino. You will need a DNA combinorator to put 2 types of the same DNA into the machine and you will get a higher grade DNA.

So we have our dna, we have our tank.

Now you will need

3 buckets of water

3 buckets of milk

3 raw beef.

The buckets of water are for the tank itself put them in at the top and they fill the tank leaving the empty buckets at the bottom.

Places your Dino DNA into the tank on the left not the right.

In the right place your 3 buckets of milk and your 3 raw beef.

And bam! Baby dino embryo!

The tank will appear empty when the egg is ready to get taken out.