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The security Fence is a fence added in by the Jurassicraft mod. It look awesome as it has all the features of the actually Jurassic park fence. To make this fence you will need to place two security bases in a straight line away from each other. There is a 10 block range so dont go too far. Once they are both placed where you like you need to right click on one of them. Then select which way it should face by clicking north,south,east,or west. You will see a small green square that shows you what direction your other block is at. Once you have done that it will tell you how many bases, grids, and poles you need to complete the fence. You should see two slots above that. There you place iron and redstone. You should now be able to click on the plus signs to create those bases, grids, and poles. Once you have the right amount you can click that up arrow at the top of the GUI to create the fence. The fence is in fact electrified and you will take damage if you touch it. Also when you do this the fence is titled low security fence. You can then add more redstone and iron to make it into a medium security fence then into a high security fence.