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Segisaurus halli

(SAY-gee-SAWR-us) is an Early Jurassic meat-eater that seems adapted for life in a

The Blueprints

dry, sandy environment. Though all early dinosaur predators had evolved to be quicker than the animals they replaced, scientists believe

Segisaurus has features that made it extra fast. The North American landscape where Segisaurus lived was very arid and sandy. This little dinosaur seemed to have features that would have made it well adapted to squatting down and sitting out a sandstorm.

Hunting & Behavior

Segisaurus, like many coelophysoids, traveled in large packs of 30-50 animals. Segisaurus is mostly a scavenger, but in large groups, will go after small herbivores. This animal is almost always in it’s pack, in or near flat dry areas. It is amongst the competition for Coelophysis and Coelurus. It, like other coelophysoids, are poisonous, although Segisaurus is not nearly as poisonous as it’s relative Dilophosaurus.

Health & Stats

Health: 15

Height: 1 Block

AI: Tends to stay close to large, flat, and dry land areas.