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Troodon pectinodon (TRO-oh-DON) is a genus of relatively small, bird-like dinosaurs known definitively

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from the Campanian age of the Cretaceous period (about 77 million years ago), though possible additional species are known from later in the Campanian and also from the early Maastrichtian age. It includes at least one species, Troodon formosus, though many fossils, possibly representing several species have been classified in this genus.These species ranged widely, with fossil remains recovered from as far north as Alaska and as far south as Wyoming and even possibly Texas and New Mexico. Discovered in 1855, T. formosus was among the first dinosaurs found in North America.

The genus name is Greek for "wounding tooth", referring to the teeth, which were different from those of most other theropods known at the time of their discovery. The teeth bear prominent, apically oriented serrations. These "wounding" serrations, however, are morphometrically more similar to those of herbivorous reptiles, and suggest a possibly omnivorous diet.

Hunting & Behavior

Troodons have a unique ability – they are venomous. It is possible that the venom is secreted by the dinosaurs themselves, much like Gila monsters or the Dilophosaurus. The powerful venom paralyses the victim. The toxins cause hallucinations, slowly making the victim suffer. Unless the infection is treated by an equally powerful tranquilizer, the victim goes into a series of convulsions, including uncontrollable shaking. The final stage is paralysis and brain death. This hunting use of venom is similar to that of the Komodo Dragon. After this, the Troodon drags the living body into a secluded area and rips open the abdomen with its claws and teeth. Finally, the Troodon lays its eggs in the mangled torso and incubates them there until they hatch. It is presumed that the hatchlings would proceed to eat the corpse from the inside out. This method of rearing young is similar to that of most Spider Wasp species, which lays their eggs inside the bodies of Tarantulas and other spiders. If the Troodon is not breeding, it devours the victim alive, often accompanied by other members of its pack.

Health & Stats

Health: 25

Height: 1 Block

AI: Ambushes prey and follows poisoned victim until they are unable to fend for themselves. The Troodon then will kill the animal.