Fossils and Archaeology Mod: Jurassic Park Edition Wiki

What am I supposed to do here, write a bio? Well gee, I don't even know what to write.

Anyway, I am a long time supporter of the Fossils and Archeology mods. My friend Jausst and I actually tried to start up a series with the Revival mod on our own... Which flopped because he was too slow at editing videos and we had absolutely no idea what to do/say in a Youtube video. Then the two of us joined a series that took place on the Fossils and Archeology Revival server with Mandelsage, who is better known as JodyVL or JodyPlays. Here, check out the series ! I'm introduced in episode three I think. ;) I am the GinjaninjaS7!

Anyway (again), once I finally checked out the Fossils and Archeology: Jurassic Park edition WIP mod (I had seen it advertised in people's signatures for quite some time and I finally decided to click on one), I noticed that they were looking for helped and almost peed myself at the chance of joining such an amazing mod team. I had made a tanystropheus model a while back hoping to get it into the Revival mod but it wasn't acknowledged very much. I PMed pics of the model to Kash though in hopes he'd let me join the mod. He liked it, asked me to join, gave me the assignment of making the infant models for all the species, and the rest is history ^_^ 

Since joining, I've made quite a few infant models (which are still being fine-tuned and are all still un-textured), and I've also made a GUI, a few adult models, and I learned to texture and fix rotation points (both very long but important jobs, I'd say :) ). So, stick around, check out my work on the mod once we start posting the infants, and let me know what you think :) LieutenantGhost is quite a master at the art of model making and I'm glad that I have him to critique my models, but I'd love to hear from everyone else as well!

Also, I guess I'll use the blog section of this wiki profile thing to show off any work I do. Kay? Kay ^_^